Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Resources That Keep Us Afloat

I am linking up with my favorite girls from the collaborative blog,
Owl-ways Be Inspired to share with you the resources that keep us
sane in the classroom!  (We are doing this just in the nick of time
since the big 2 day sale is Thursday and Friday of this week!)
My brand new Print & Teach pack and has been so helpful in my classroom—almost on a daily basis!

This pack includes 6 leveled passages (approaching, on-grade level, beyond) with activities that provide practice for all 2nd and 3rd grade Common Core Standards. 
So far, I have been using these resources with my approaching kiddos while my other kiddos are working on some novel studies.  (They will be getting into this pack soon!)
Here are some action shots!
one tracy
two tracy
three tracy
five tracy
six tracy
So now I have to tell you about some other resources that literally keep me afloat in my classroom!
Have I told you that…
love steph 2
Her resources are seriously AMAZING!  They are used all of the time in my room.  My kiddos know that Stephanie is one smart lady!
Her Common Core passages packs leave me speechless! 
I use them for morning work very often!  I like to copy the passages and questions into packs.  The students keep them in a bag in their desk.  They work at their “own pace” based on my expectations.  By no means does that mean they sit there and doodle.  But every kiddo is so different!
I also use Stephanie’s fluency packs during Daily 5.  Certain kiddos know they need to go there each day for 5-10 minutes to practice with a buddy.  These are great!!

Have I told you that…
Her reading comprehension packs are FANTASTIC!!!
I use these for homework, morning work, whole group, and assessment.

Have I told you that…
Her Busy Teacher packs are great and quick!!!
Her newest creation I am psyched about!
I am getting ready to use this with my kiddos!
It is just what I need to review and provide extra practice for my kids!  It has all of the good stuff and no fluff!!
Make sure you get in all of your shopping this week because….
tpt salee
Rachel from The Tattooed Teaching made this CUTE button!
Here is a special treat! 
Leave a comment below with your email for a chance to win any product from my TPT shop! Every blogger in this linky is giving away a product too!
Use the links below to see what resources keep the other owls afloat!! There are some FABULOUS recommendations!


  1. I love your Print and Teach!! It would help my struggling 4th graders.
    tinysmiles34@gmail. com

  2. After nine years in first grade, this is my first in second grade. Where would I be without finding all of you amazing bloggers? Lost!! I love, love, LOVE all your amazing materials. My students are interested, engaged and learning when we are working on one of your books or passages. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Your Print and Teach looks fabulous!

  4. Love your products. I would love to win to help my students with informational text. Thanks!

  5. I absolutely love your work! I have soooo many of your products that I guess you could say YOU are my go to resource. :)

  6. I really like your print and teach packet!! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Your print and teach pack is awesome! I love that it is leveled and that I can utilize it with all of my students. Thank you for the hard work you put into making this pack.

  8. Your Print and Teach packet looks WONDERFUL! Right now, what keeps me afloat is the Critter Cafe' Reading Strategy Posters by Julie Marciniak.

  9. Oh, your Print and Teach pack would be a lifeesaver!

  10. I have been using your Print and Teach packet and I love it! I would love to win another one of your reading passage resources. I have been eyeing your 10 awesome animal articles unit for awhile. :-)

  11. I would love the Animal Articles (off to put it in my cart)


  12. I love the pictures from the Print and Teach. I teach first grade but have several very strong readers. This would be perfect for them.
    I hope I win!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing! I have found some great units through the blog sharing!

  14. Print and Teach Packet!

  15. You have so many wonderful products. I always love to see what you have! I would love the Print and Teach Packet.


  16. Your print and teach product looks fantastic!

  17. I really would like your Winter Main Idea Practice Pack {Fiction & Nonfiction Passages}!! It's such a struggle for my students to grasp the idea of a main idea and use supporting details.

    Sam C.

  18. Would love the Animal Wax Museum!


  19. I absolutely ADORE your stuff - you are a lifesaver! Would love your Print & Teach.

  20. There are so many things from your store that I've been wanting. I can't wait till tomorrow! :)

  21. Thank for the fun giveaway!! :)

  22. You have so many great products. I would love any of it. :) The print and teach looks like it would be so helpful! Awesome stuff!

  23. I would LOVE to have your Main Idea Practice Pack (Nonfiction)!! :)


  24. You have so many great products!! I added a lot of them to my wish list. I find inferencing, maid idea, and predicting to be difficult concepts, so I would like the pack for all 3!

  25. Love everything you do!!

  26. I think your Print and Teach us just what I am looking for:)

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  28. I really like your blog and your products. Look forward to picking up some during the sale.

  29. I have your Print and Teach product in my cart! Love the look of it and would love to win it. :)


  31. I have several of your items on my wishlist...I am a huge fan! Your work is engaging and visually appealing and just right for my students! Would love the chance to win something!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  32. Oh wow...where do I even start?! Lol. Your store is quickly becoming one of my very special life vests <3. I have MANY of your wonderful creations on my WISH LIST!!! At the very, very Mount Everest Top is "Buddy Binders." I have been eyeing this bad boy for some time now, as I have WAY too many fast finishers in my class...who incidentally LOVE to work in partners!! This OUTSTANDING resource would be absolutely PERFECT! I would be extremely honoured to be the VERY LUCKY recipient <3 <3 <3. Thank you for considering me =).

  33. I have many of your items on my wish list! Love everything that you do.

  34. I like your Tacking Reading Skills and Strategies with the Trolls

  35. I love your print and teach.

  36. I love your stuff! Everything I've bought and used has been great! Cherry coke is what keeps me afloat most days :)